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Finding my model number

Should you require the model number of your appliance for identification purposes, for example, when looking for spares and accessories on this website or when organising a repair; In the first instance always refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual which would have been included with the product at point of purchase. In a lot of cases information found here is all that will be required. For those manufacturers that do use specific model/serial numbers, these are usually found on stickers or rating plates found in less visible areas of the product.

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We would urge all our customers to only search their appliance for this rating plate as a last resort especially when dealing with appliances which are hard wired into the gas, electricity or water supply as there is the potential for fatal injury or irreparable damage to your appliance and or immediate surroundings. If you are unsure whether to locate this information yourself, seek advice from the manufacturer or a qualified engineer, if the appliance uses a gas supply consult a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Below is a guide to where this information can be found on most major appliances

  • You will find the model number on a sticker or rating plate. This can usually be found on the base, back or front of the appliance.

    Model numbers usually consist of a manner of letters and numbers, and may also include characters such as a slash (/) or a dash (-).

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